Displaying DIY

While the rest of Oxford is busy working away, pushing paper or whatever it is that other people do at work, the library assistants are busy building new displays for the upcoming seasons and events.  Usually this time of year we try to rotate a new set of displays every two weeks so with 8 display cases and stands that can mean a lot of books coming and going.  But even though this is the best part of the job for some of us (Stacey, we’re looking at you), it gets difficult to come up with fresh, new ideas that will actually be checked out.  Super Bowl?  Been there.  Spring Flowers? Done.  New Years Resolutions? Over it…

So we want to hear YOUR ideas.  What do you think would be a great display idea for February or March?  What kinds of books do you want displayed for easier access?  What new hobbies or topics are you itching to try out? We’d love to hear from you.  Just leave a comment or a message on our Facebook.  Who knows maybe your idea will be the next big check-out trend!

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