The Fountain of Youth??


It is no secret that libraries all over the country face a constant battle against “Library Dragon Syndrome.”  You know the signs.  The idea that the library is a scary, intimidating place where no one can touch anything and no one can sneeze.  No one smiles and some old, scary lady sits behind the circulation desk plotting her next attack… The Library Dragon.  But if you have been into our library lately, you will quickly realize this isn’t the case.  John does not look like a scary old lady, and Mrs. Nancy’s Storytimes have been known to get loud and crazy (just the way we like it!).  However, this stigma is still holding strong for our toughest group, the 21-35 year olds.  Man, we stay up nights trying to think of ways to bring those guys back, but it just isn’t easy.  Some libraries are really stepping it up though and we thought we’d share this story.  If you read the article we’d love to hear your thoughts or opinions.  Would you be interested in some of the ideas shared by the Glen Ellyn Library?  Do you tremble at the thought of facing off against a team of librarians at Two Stick’s Trivia night?  Are you a local business who wants to work something out with us (please please please???)?  We’d love to hear your thoughts!!

Executive Director Dawn Bussey and her staff don’t think 20- and 30-somethings know enough about the Glen Ellyn Public Library — and they’ve launched a program to try to change that.

Glen Ellyn Library Taking Its Message to the Streets
Photo Credit: The Daily Herald

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