14 Days of Cheap Dates: Part 1

We know, we know, Valentine’s day is coming up soon.  What? You haven’t even started thinking about it?  Well good thing you’ve got us then.  We here at the Oxford public library are chock full of ideas to help you find the perfect Valentine idea for your Valentine, and they’re all library related of course.  Check back each day leading up to the big one (that’d be Valentine’s day…) and see what there is to see.

Our first idea for our 14 Days of Cheap Dates comes from our magazine collection.  If you were thinking of making something special for your Sweetie this year we have plenty of periodicals to help you along.  Why not check out a Martha Stewart Living or a Real Simple magazine?  Parenting magazine will also have simple and fun ideas even if you don’t have kids. So whether you want to focus on one gift for your number one, or create a series of Valentines to pass around to friends, our magazine collection is sure to get you started.

Need help actually executing your crafting?  Stop by the Circ desk and let someone know.  We have plenty of people who would love to help you sort through the “What does this mean??” phase of creating something homemade.  (Bonus points:  Library Assistants Sarah and John both have degrees in art, surely they can handle a Martha Stewart Craft project right??)

(Bonus Bonus:  It’s Sarah’s birthday today.  Come wish her a great year and tell her you saw it here, you’ll get you OWN gift… we’ve got five It’s Sarah’s Birthday prizes to give away today!)

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