What Do We Do All Day??

Last night we asked our former library pages/new library assistants if being behind the desk was everything they had imagined and they unanimously agreed that no, this is not what they thought they’d be doing.  It’s true.  Even people who work in this same building don’t know exactly what means to be a library assistant… what do they do all day?  Just sit around and check out Facebook?  Update blogs and drink coffee??  We’ll admit that is a nice (and fun) part of it, but there is a lot of leg work too.  Those books you can’t find, we do.  That hold you request, someone goes and gets (about 200-250 on a slow day).  Those phone calls to tell you that an item is waiting for you, not done my machine.  And StoryTime, Books’N Lunch, organizing the book sale, our Annual Tea Party, Summer Reading Program, the Reading Rodeo, Adult and Children’s Crafts, Puppt Shows, displays, creating our paper calendars, finding books, ordering books, putting books where they belong… we could go on and on but we’ll just link to this great article we found instead.

Beyond Books: What It Takes to be a 21st Century Librarian

And you want to know what else?  We wouldn’t have it any other way.  Come see us!

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