14 Days of Cheap Dates: Part 2

We’re back for part two of 14 Days of Cheap Dates. Yesterday we had a craft based idea, but what about for those of you less gifted in the subtleties of scissors and glue?  You can always order a pre-made gift off line.  Honey hogging the computer at home?  Scared someone will check your browser history and ruin the surprise?  (What?  Like you’ve never done that…) We’ve got you covered.  With 11 desk top computers and plenty of laptops, all you need is a library card and pin number and away you go onto the internet to find the perfect gift. Don’t know your pin number?  One of our friendly library assistants can help you out there too.  Just come by the desk and we can make it any four digits that you can remember. Now that is a sweet deal.

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