Book Review: Growgirl by Heather Donahue

At the ten year anniversary of the release of The Blair Witch Project, Heather Donahue, who played “Heather” in the iconic film, was asked what she had been doing since the movie was a hit. Her answer? “I traveled the world and then I moved to the country to grow pot”. And people laughed because they thought she was kidding.
Growgirl is Heather’s tale of leaving Hollywood behind, moving with her then boyfriend to a small town in California, and learning to farm medical marijuana.  And let me tell you, growing weed is no easy task. I read the book because I love and am still haunted by the movie, but I found myself fascinated by what a stressful and precise job it is to raise “The Girls” as she calls her plants. The people she learns from and works with are an interesting and sometimes frightening crew as well.  She is completely out of her comfort zone which we all know can lead to hilarity.
Heather takes on the question “What the hell am I going to do with my life?” with wit and wisdom. The book is funny, heartbreaking, and honest.  Did I mention that she also adopts a smart and wonderful dog?
Growgirl by Heather Donahue is located in the Biography section of the Lafayette County & Oxford Public Library.  Call number B DON.  If it is checked out, we will be happy to put it on hold for you!

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