14 Days of Cheap Dates: Part 8

Part 8 in the house!!  Part 8 of 14 Days of Cheap Dates that is… and today we thought we’d share an idea on how to make a good date, a great date.  That secret ingredient??  A good sound track.  Think about it.  What do all of those great romantic comedy movies have in common?  They have a play list that gets the job done right.  So if you are looking at your work out play list and think that’s going to cut it for a Valentine’s Date Night, think again.  What you need, is us!

The Lafayette County Oxford Public Library (and its sister branches) are proud to provide our patrons with thousands of music CDs and even vinyl albums.  Oh yeah, vinyl.  Actually, Oxford is the only branch that still carries vinyl, but we’ve got tons of them.  There is an unlimited number of check outs and all music checks out for three weeks.  So if you pick out some music today you don’t have to worry about renewing it or turning it back in until long after your date night.  And it’s free.  Who sets the mood for free just for you?? Oh yeah, that’d be us.  Now that’s a relationship worth hanging onto.

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