14 Days of Cheap Dates: Part 10

Our 10th idea for a cheap date, from our 14 Days of Cheap Dates series, is part Cheap Date, part library secret.  We knew you’d be interested.

Everyone knows that if you want to rent a movie in Oxford, the place to do it is the Lafayette County Oxford Public Library.  We have a HUGE selection that is always growing.  Plus, if we don’t have something and one of our sister libraries does have it (this is called putting a hold on the item), we can get it sent to you and then we’ll personally call you and tell you it’s here.  Now that’s service.  I don’t see any specifically colored, square-shaped movie receptacles calling to tell you that your Oscar nominated movie or your favorite TV show is on the shelf with your name on it… but I digress…The point is, most of our movies check out for FREE for two days.  Documentaries are three weeks and some movies, the ones we don’t let our sisters borrow, are lent out for 7 days.  But did you know, that if you check out a movie on a Friday, it should be due back on Sunday, but it isn’t.  Movies checked out on Fridays are always due on Monday.  That’s an extra free day of movie watching.  AND if a movie is turned in the day after its due date (say on a Tuesday) then there is no late fee. 
**Just be careful.  If a movie is turned in 2 days after it is due (say on Wednesday when it is due on Monday) you will be charged a late fee for both days.**
So what are you waiting for?  You were looking for a cheap date, and this one is free.  Come see us!

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