14 Days of Cheap Dates: Part 12

It has come to our attention that not everyone has a date coming up.  Can we get a “Whoop Whoop” for all the Single Ladies out there??? Or a Justin Timberlake in a leotard via SNL??

That’s better.  Now what were we saying?  Oh yeah, idea number 12 of our 14 Days of Cheap Dates is a cheap date night for all of you single ladies out there. Our Reference Librarian Laura Beth and our Library Assistant Stacey have compiled a reading list just for you if you are just not feeling the love this Valentine season.


[Cover][Cover]A downtown girl’s (mostly awkward) tales of love, lust, revenge, and a little Facebook stalking by Shallon Lester

My boyfriend wrote a book about me : and other stories I shouldn’t share with acquaintances, coworkers, taxi drivers, assistants, job interviewers, bikini waxers and ex/current/future boyfriends but have by Hilary Winston

51/50 : the magical adventures of a single life by Kristen McGuiness.

Have I got a guy for you : what really happens when mom fixes you up by Alix Strauss.

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