Hey Buddy, Wanna Blog??

When our intern first setup this blog, we’ll admit, we were hesitant.  Ok, ok, we were scared.  What did we have to say that our patrons didn’t already know?  And between checking stuff in, checking stuff out, checking on stuff that is out but should be in (or vice versa) would we actually have time??  Well it turns out we have plenty to say!  And we have plenty to share!  And like everything else, sometimes ya just gotta make time… But why should we have all the fun around here?  Isn’t the Lafayette County Oxford Public library famous for its sense of community? (Yes!)  Aren’t we so so so proud of our patrons who come in again and again and tell us about their fantastic lives/jobs/experiences? (Yes!) Wouldn’t our library patrons like a chance to share their thoughts and ideas about libraries/reading/community events?? (We hope so!)

Well here is a chance to bring all of that together.  We are opening up 5 one week Guest Host spots on our blog for our patrons to fill in.  Interested?  Check out the deets below:

1.  Anyone who is interested in Guest Hosting on our blog for 1 week needs to send an email to OXF@firstregional.org.  Tell us who you are (sometimes it’s hard to tell from emails) and what you think you’d like to write about.

2.  You’ll be responsible for 5 Guest Host posts but they can be anything!  Videos, pictures, essays, knock-knock jokes…

3.  If we chose you, we’ll email you back and let you know when your week is but to make sure that everything posts smoothly we’ll also give you a “due date” before that week.

We can’t wait to see what you have to say.  For more information come see us at the Circ Desk or shoot us an email at OXF@firstregional.org.

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