Ch-Ch-Ch Changes

In case you have missed it, public libraries in Mississippi are having to really pinch pennies and make some changes.  Why?  Well, money is tight and our needs are growing.  You can check out THIS article about the situation that was released by the Daily Journal in Tupelo earlier this week.  We do NOT, however, suggest reading the comments.  Some of them are hateful and hurt our little library feelings. 😦
But we aren’t here to get ya down, no no, we’re here to spread some David Bowie!  See:
Oh, and to tell you about some changes that we are making in order to help curb some of our spending.  No matter what the commentors on that news article say, public libraries like ours are desperately finding ways to cut spending, stay open, and support our communities who love us (‘Cause we love you guys!  True story!!)  One way we are going to do that is to join the Golden Triangle Regional Library System.  What does that mean??  Think of it like this: right now Lafayette County/Oxford Public Library has 12 sister branches right?  Well after March 14th, we’ll have a ton of more step-sisters!  They won’t actually be part of the First Regional System, but they’re willing to share their stuff with us and that’s pretty cool.  And of course we’ll share stuff with them too, because that’s only fair. 
We’ll have more specific updates to share with you as we go along, but for right now, check out this flyer Stacey made.  It will give you the basic run down and a timeline when you can expect these ch-ch-ch changes to come along. 

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