Librarian Wishlist

There is not a day that has gone by in the last 5 years that I’ve worked here when I haven’t thought “You could write this down and make a best seller.”  The shenanigans, the patrons, the moments when I wonder if anyone else in the world has a job that requires them to Google “spaceship music” and debate the finer points of gourd crafts in the same day. 

We’ve been in a little bit of a funk the last few weeks with the smackdown that’s happening to our libraries statewide.  Here in Oxford we are preparing for book buying cuts and fighting off some bad mojo from people who don’t understand what we’re trying to do… but then we saw this:

This is a sitcom from Australia called The Librarians.  It only aired for three seasons but it is still available on DVD.  And let me tell you, the more we watch on YouTube and the more we read about it, the more we need it for our collection.  First, it’s from Australia and that means everyones’ favorite accent is all up in this hilarious comedy about what really happens behind the circulation desk and hidden away in the stacks.  Second, we are so so so glad to finally be able to share some of the crazy business that we see everyday but we can’t share because we would never talk about our patrons (or other librarians) like that.  And third for everyone who ever wondered what it’s really like to have the “luxury of being surrounded by books” this is a great reality check about what really happens when faced with a public service. 
But did I mention the budget cuts?  And the buying cut?  And the sad faces??  Well The Librarians did not make the cut of things that are going to be ordered.  So we’re just saying, that if some librarian loving patron out there happened to find a copy of these DVDs for sale (say on Amazon or Ebay or some other source) and wanted to buy it and donate it… we’d do a group librarian happy dance.  We’d even be willing to put a fancy “donated by” nameplate on it and a holla on our blog/facebook/twitter about it… You know… if someone wanted to hypothetically do that. 
Not sure about donating DVDs but want to find other ways to help your favorite public service?  We’re working on a “wish list” to add to our blog (along with a FAQ and some other discussion topics) so check back this weekend when those go live.
For a great interview with the co-creators of The Librarians check out this great link on

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