The Oscars 2012

We don’t need to tell y’all that we’re really into the movies and films right?  I mean, we have a collection of thousands of DVDs and even VHS tapes.  So it only makes sense that we look forward to the Oscars every year to see if our favorites win.

Well the Oscars are coming up fast, next weekend in fact, and we thought we’d make this year a little more exciting.

Come by the circulation desk today or sometime next week and pick up an Oscar Nomination form or print out your own here from MovieFone.  Fill out who you think is going to win, sign your name and drop it in the box.  If you pick the most winners, you’ll win your own prize.  Sound like a pretty cool deal?  Come see us today!

Worried that you haven’t seen enough movies to know who will win?  Don’t worry, we’ve got a good number sitting on the shelves right now and the rest should be in very shortly.  All DVD rentals are free, you just need your library card.

Plus, check back at 2:00 to see which Oscar nominated film we reviewed this week.

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