Guest Hosting: Oxford Moms and Tots

We are so so thrilled to introduce you to our first Guest Host!  Every morning this week we will be guest hosted by Audrey from Oxford Moms and Tots.  This site is a great source for local moms (and dads too!) to get together, share play dates and get more involved with the community.  And anything that supports our community, we whole heartily support too!

Welcome to the wonderful world of being a S.A.H.M. (sassy at home momma!)

My name is Audrey. I am a professional boogie picker, cook, maid, booty wiper, secretary, plumber, and animal caretaker.  Enough said.  I will do my very best to entertain you with my somewhat crazy yet fulfilling days. 
Let me introduce you to the cast of characters that you will probably meet through my blogs.  
Brad is my husband.  Roan is my daughter. We have dogs, cats, cows, a horse, and chickens.  Along with whatever else some evil person decides to drop off at my house. I love being outdoors, cooking, photography, and crafting (even though I am NOT GOOD AT IT!).

Items that make my day a little easier:
country music (nothing like driving down the road belting out a country music song!)
snack cups that don’t spill
combination powder/foundation (I slap some on so I don’t scare all of the innocent shoppers of Walmart)
Cliff White Chocolate Macadmia Nut Bars
Zulilly (which if I don’t get off of it, we will be living in the poor house!)
facebook (it is my only place to talk to adults during the day!)
Calliou (yes, that little Pipsqueak on the Sprout Channel. He is the ONLY WAY I can get things done during the day!!)
sharpie pens (I don’t know why, but they make my handwriting so much better!)
Pinterest (gives me a little hope, that I MIGHT have a slightly creative touch!!!!not really though!)

Through my blogs (hopefully) we will laugh, laugh some more, and learn blissful things together. So grab an ice water, coffee, glass of wine (or bottle if it has been one of those days) and hang on it is going to be a wild and crazy ride!!

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