Guest Post: A Normal Day

Every morning this week we will be guest hosted by Audrey from Oxford Moms and Tots.  This site is a great source for local moms (and dads too!) to get together, share play dates and get more involved with the community.  And anything that supports our community, we whole heartily support too!
What does a “normal day” look like???
I am sometimes asked this and I know people either think I am insane or extremely rude but I believe that all SAHMs EVERYWHERE will agree with me when I SCREAM to the tops of my lungs that “NO DAY IS EVER NORMAL WHEN YOU ARE A SAHM!!!!”
We have been remodeling/redoing/adding on to our house for the past 100 years and it seems like IT WILL NEVER BE COMPLETE!!! You would think that we live in some elaborate home and it is very nice to us but with a two and a half year old… has lead to some interesting days around this house. 
This was a “NORMAL DAY” the other day:
I had Bible study at 9:15. I had to drag Roan out of the bed kicking and screaming only to have more kicking and screaming once I took her to the nursery to drop her off. 
We came home to workers at our house. Roan proceeds to take off an awful and I mean AWFUL  (teething diaper AWFUL)  in front of the workers and hand it to me. 
Then my husband and I went outside to look at something with the workers and Roan gets into an ant bed.  We came inside and I got her all doctored up.
Then one of the workers comes in and announces that he found a plastic spoon in our toilet pipe. Now, yes I have bits of craziness and no, my relief is not to flush plastic spoons down the toilet, so unless my husband or the dog did it, Roan has been having herself a good old time flushing plastic spoons DOWN THE TOILET!!!
We then had plans to meet at Cloud 9 (which is the best place ever!) at 5:00 with Roan’s friend, Emily from dance.  The girls then went to dance at 6.  It is on days like these that I get on my knees and praise the heavens for Chick-Fil-A for supper!
So what does a “normal day” look like for you? Now, this was not a typical day and I thank goodness for days like these because they make our wonderful days just that much better!

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