Guest Host: Spring Chicken

Every morning this week we will be guest hosted by Audrey from Oxford Moms and Tots.  This site is a great source for local moms (and dads too!) to get together, share play dates and get more involved with the community.  And anything that supports our community, we whole heartily support too!

With Spring right around the corner….It has hit me that I am no SPRING chicken!

Yes, today I had a slap in the face. A child I once babysat has had a CHILD of his OWN!! Let the crow’s feet, wrinkles, dark circles, and sagging begin! Who am I kidding, they have already begun!! This will be the last year that I will have a birthday. That’s right I hit the big 29 in a matter of weeks. Let the party begin…

No, really spring and fall are my two favorite seasons.  What do you plan on doing with your family when spring hits? We will go to the Memphis Zoo (which is 45 minutes to an hour away from Oxford and is a wonderful place to go!), play outside until we have no more daylight, and just spend our days soaking up all the magical sunshine rays that we can.

I will host an egg hunt for our Oxford Moms and Tots group at my house before Easter (that’s right going to have kids egg hunting amongst the cow poop!HA).  I have got many craft ideas/projects floating around in my scattered brain.  Here are some that I am thinking of for the egg hunt/springtime (and if any of you Moms and Tots people steal my ideas you will pay!!HAHA!!!):

Pinterest ideas:
-daffodill cups
-bunny dip platter

 Other projects:
-Stepping stone project that I found in the arts and crafts section in the local Walmart for $10.00 (YES! This will probably be a future blog titled: I HAVE LOST MY MIND!!!!) but we shall see how it comes out!!
-We are really into growing our own veggies/fruits.  We will see what we can reap from our harvest. Gardening with a toddler is all kinds of fun. You start off on a mission to have an organized/prize winning (yeah right) garden and end up making the best mudpies ever!
-Of course, egg decorating (I take this to the EXTREME) it’s like I am seven again and I try to have the prettiest egg ever!
So, wherever your heart may lead you in the warm months to come, may it be full of bunny hops and rays of sunshine.
Until my mind wonders into blogging again,

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