Guest Host: Addiction

Every morning this week we will be guest hosted by Audrey from Oxford Moms and Tots.  This site is a great source for local moms (and dads too!) to get together, share play dates and get more involved with the community.  And anything that supports our community, we whole heartily support too!

They say that the first step in overcoming an addiction is admitting you have a problem. Well…my name is Audrey. I am addicted to coffee, facebook, and pinterest.
That’s right. I LOVE my job of being a SAHM, but there are some moments during the day when it is so nice to have a cup of coffee and get on facebook and pinterest to see what is going on in the adult world.  I have to have my coffee in the mornings and then about 2:30 in the afternoon I need a little pick me up so….I am back at the old coffee pot like a zombie!  With facebook I can see who has had their baby, getting married, or having an all out crappy day. Pinterest is helping me remodel our home with all new ideas of organizing and decorating.  Now, that’s not to say my husband is all gaga over the ideas but they are growing on him!  What are some things that you have to help you through the day (besides shots of tequila?JUST JOKING!) ?  Here are some things I have found on pinterest lately and either plan on trying or have tried:
Mason Jar Soap dispenser 
I plan on doing this one real soon!
This woman swears by this. This is how you keep your house sparkling clean??
This woman must not have a life? No, I am joking. I need a little help from time to time and this was full of suggestions.
I had a shelf built under my washer and dryer like this:
Now it’s not all snazzy and painted like this one but it is very very VERY helpful!!!
This is how I want my master bedroom closet:
This has not passed the hub’s approval yet, but if he knows what’s best for him!!!!HA!:)
What helpful things have you found online?? Please share! Oh and here’s a tip for you! I mentioned facebook earlier. Well, facebook can be..let’s just say…ummm….what word am I looking for??..a swimming pool of people who can take a completely good thing and turn it into something bad…yes, that sums it up..So the tip of the day is: NEVER BLOCK SOMEONE ON FACEBOOK…BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN YOU WILL COME FACE TO FACE WITH THEM IN WALMART, KROGER, THE LIBRARY, VET’S OFFICE, OR ANY OTHER PUBLIC PLACE!!! There is a HIDE button for a reason! So take that little bit of knowledge and spread it like little sproutlets do!(yes, I have been watching too much of the Sprout channel today!)
Until I blog again,

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