Guest Host: Books’n Movies

Please, really tell me they are!!???
In one of my previous blogs I was all happy and ready for springy days…well a springy morning is not what we woke up to this morning.  So, tell me what do you do on days when you really can’t get out and about with your little ones? One of my favorite things to do is read(in between churning my own butter, milking cows, and sewing my own clothes HA!!!).  A few books I have read lately are: The Help by Kathryn Stockett (LOVED LOVED LOVED!!!), Whistling in the Dark by Lesley Kagen, Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks, The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks, and Half Broke Horses -A True Life Novel by Jeanette Walls. 
I also love just to flip through cookbooks and magazines.  My favorite cookbook at the moment is The Pioneer Woman Cooks by Ree Drummond .
I have to have something that gets my attention and keeps holding onto it till the very end.  I love books that I just cannot put down.  Now, I may have sounded like all I do is sit around reading novels while my maids clean my house from top to bottom, my nannies come over and tend to my little hethren, and my servants feed me grapes all while I just sit around reading novels all day!! HA! In my DREAMS!! No, when I get time I do love a good book. I usually get to read on nice days when I can sit outside (hence the title of this blog) while Roan plays. Roan loves a good book too.  We have demolished a few books from reading them so much. A few favorites on Roan’s list include: Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed by Eileen Christelow, The Cheerios Play Book By Lee Wade, and Five Sweet Strawberries by Megan E. Bryant.
I can’t really keep up with movies.  The last one I watched was of course, The Help. So..give me a few of your fav reads and movies. Please don’t tell me I need to become a Twilight/vampire/whatever all that’s about freak. I just want a few suggestions on my next book to read.  Don’t give me any suggestions that are going to scare the pants off of me and keep me up all hours of the night wondering if a murderer is lurking outside my window either!
Until we meet again I send you pleasant (uninterrupted by hethrens) moments to snuggle up with a good book and delicious cup of coffee,

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