An insider’s opinion

We had a wild and fun time during our summer reading program the past two months. And our volunteers worked incredibly hard to make things run smoothly. We asked one of them to write a blog about what it means to spend the summer at the library. We loved the honesty and the sense of humor that emerged with the following post. Enjoy!

So, this summer I did a volunteering stint at the library, and I was asked to highlight some awesome things and some bad things (should I have any) about this. So let’s start with bad stuff first, because I want to save the best for last. First of all, it can get boring sitting there, but there’s an easy fix. Just go grab a book or if you’re working with a friend you’ve kinda got it made. Second, people will ask you questions about the city. I do not know where they keep old documents, and I do not know where they keep old pictures. You will be asked about the city and where to find stuff and what time something is. Just say I don’t know and carry on.
Now for all the good stuff, which heavily outweighs the bad stuff. The best reason, in my opinion, is that you’ll get fed occasionally. Someone will bring in cookies or pizza for parties and you get fed for the day, and that’s awesome. Next would have to be that it can be fun. For this, the craft room is probably the best place. You can make almost anything, and glitter fights are a must. After that would be meeting new people, there are usually a good few people who do the volunteering, and you’ll usually end up friends with at least one person, if not more. Well, I guess that’s it for my talk about the library. I hope you’ve liked it.

Thank you to all of our summer volunteers. We could not have done it without each and every one of you!

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