Surving an Ole Miss home game weekend

Another home football weekend is upon us. While we all want the Rebels to win, we also know what comes with all the fans visiting town. Oxford begins to get crazy by Wednesday evening with traffic, packed restaurants, and let’s not even discuss Kroger or Walmart. This week the staff has put together a list of tips and tricks to survive Oxford during a busy football weekend.

Ayana:   If you have to do ANY shopping or errands, do it during the game.  No lines and no traffic!

Stacey:  Check out movies at the library on Friday because the grace day means you can turn them in on Monday when everyone’s gone home. Drive AWAY from campus and do not think you’re just going to nip through the Square.  The Square is never the fastest way on home game weekends!

John: Stay well hydrated.

Laura Beth:  Complete your grocery shopping and errands around town  by Wednesday afternoon. Never hit Kroger on Friday after 5:00 pm. It is just not worth it. Also, if you are like me, you will find yourself extremely  “tired” on Sunday. Make sure you have a book or two to read while you lounge around and recover.

Nancy :  Get out of town and head to a beach!

Sarah:  Rent movies, stock up on food, and lay low.

Corey:  Purchase supplies early and stay home.

Blake:  Enjoy refreshments within a drywall air-conditioned game-day tent watching the game with your own personal announcers…opulence!

Mrs. Fitts:  Double all of your recipes and freeze some for the next game.




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