Making things a little easier!

We don’t know about all of you, but we are always busy at the library. We enjoy that but we also love to make things simple and save time for our patrons.

We host a Books and Lunch program at least once a month. We ask you to call us to register because we serve food and want to make sure everyone gets to eat! But honestly, who has time to make a phone call during their hectic day? Or who can remember to make a call after seeing the notice about the program? Most of us find it easier to RSVP for something if we can do it online. For our next Books and Lunch program we are going to allow you to register to attend on our Facebook page. Let us know in the comment section if you want to come and add any dietary restrictions you might have as well. If you would rather call (662-234-5751) and chat with us to register, we will be glad to sign you up!

Friday, February 8th at noon.

Friday, February 8th at noon.

Friday, February 8th at noon, Jim Williamson will discuss The Ravine, his novel set in a small town in Mississippi much like Water Valley where he spent summers as a child. This promises to be a wonderful program. Click here to read an article  about the author and his book that ran in the Commercial Appeal.

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