Book Review: Chanel Bonfire by Wendy Lawless

I watch the film Mommie Dearest at least once a year. I have decided that I like it so much because of the fact that Joan and I have some tiny issues in common. I like things to be where they are supposed to be, punctuality is massively important, and I really dislike wire hangers.

Little did I know when I began reading Chanel Bonfire by Wendy Lawless, I would discover a mother more sinister than Joan Crawford was alleged to be. Georgann Rea makes Ms. Crawford seem not so terrible. Hideously neglectful of her two daughters and beyond selfish, Georgann should actually be called a “mother” only loosely. The reason this book is not a complete downer is Wendy’s writing style.  She describes each horrible event with a dark hilarity. And while I felt awful for Wendy and her sister, I could not wait to find out Georgann did next.

Chanel Bonfire is located in our biography section. The call number is B LAW.  And Wendy has added a Spotify playlist for the novel on her website which I think is super cool.

-Reviewed by Laura Beth Walker

chanel-bonfire-cover And

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