The Mystery Mantle

Did you know that the LCOPL has its own Boo Radley? You may remember Boo from Harper Lee’s novel To Kill a Mockingbird. He was Scout and Jem’s quiet neighbor who left them surprises in a hollowed out tree trunk.

We have a mantle in our Mississippi Room that is full of random knickknacks. Years ago, these items began to appear and none of us have any idea how they get there. It’s always a surprise to walk in and check out what has shown up!


We want to thank our patrons letting us know how much they appreciate us!

The Oxford Public Library is my favorite place to go in Oxford. In fact, the library was the first place I went to when I arrived in Oxford, as I wanted a library card. Not only was I given a card, but I was also given a free book! That is when my love affair with the library started. There is always something going on at the library from puppet shows to lunch with authors. The library employees are welcoming and helpful, and they create a wonderful atmosphere in the library. Almost any book I have ever wanted to read is available through the inter-library loan system. There is a library sponsored adult book club called the NERDS, which I have belonged to for five years, and enjoy so much. The Oxford Public Library gets a five star rating in my book!


The Oxford -Lafayette Public Library belongs to everyone. Elders are welcomed and books are brought to them if they cannot go there. Teenagers and children congregate, and are welcomed, too, and understood, and helped.  Academic and new moms, newcomers and old Oxford names, all colors and languages and backgrounds meet there, and all are welcomed. And we are all treated with the same kindness and courtesy by the library’s wonderful staff. What a place. What a treasure.

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