A “novel” section

One of our (hopefully less well-kept) secrets is our graphic novel collection. There are comics fans out there who may not know how much we have to offer—for free! Head upstairs into the adult nonfiction, and just past the periodicals you’ll find the graphic novel section.


And for those unfamiliar with the term, “graphic novel” is essentially a publishing and library term for comic books published in book form. And our collection contains all types of graphic novels/comics: from superheroes to award winning adult literary graphic novels such as Art Spiegelman’s Maus, Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis, and Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home. We also have a juvenile graphic novel section in the children’s area, located just before the Young Adult section, full of titles expressly aimed at younger readers. Here you’ll find more superhero goodness, as well as classic comics like Tintin, and children’s comic adaptations of classic books such as Dracula. If the upcoming release of Iron Man 3, Star Wars Day (May 4—May the Fourth be with you), or Free Comic Book Day (also May 4) put you in a comic-reading mood, or if you’re just curious to know about these “graphic novels” we’re going on about, come check out the collection!

And now, some more library appreciation from some of our patrons:

The Lafayette County and Oxford Public Library is one of the many gems I have found in Oxford after moving here to enjoy my retirement.

The library not only has an extensive library of books to borrow, but they offer so many extra activities for everyone to enjoy.  I particularly enjoy the luncheons with visiting authors.  Not only is the lunch delicious and free, but authors are always interesting and provides an up close encounter with authors.

The library has also kept up with the times and is computer friendly.  On-line, you can download books to your electronic device, search and reserve materials for pick up, in addition to offering many suggestions for books, activities, etc.

The children in the community definitely have many reading programs/activities from which to choose.  The library with its small budget and small staff manages to offer a full calendar of activities every month for every taste and every age.  The library is truly a gift for the residents of Oxford.


I love, love, love our library!

As the parent of three voracious readers and as a reader myself, I have come to rely on the library to keep us stocked. I love that I can count on our librarians’ expertise and recommendations for me and my kids. I love that my children consider the library staff (especially Ms. Nancy and Mr. John) among their friends. I love that the librarians have friendly, meaningful conversations with them about the books they’re reading (and more). I love that Ms. Nancy and Mr. John are treated like rock stars by the kids who see them so often at school. I love that our library is so willing to support the community’s interests and help set up book clubs or host public events in response to patrons’ suggestions.

As director of the Lafayette County Literacy Council, I love our library as a resource for EVERYONE in our community. I love that the library is a place where people of every background under the sun come to find information, entertainment, and connection with others. I love that our librarians sincerely want to meet its patrons’ needs and do everything they can to make resources available to as many people as possible. I love that they work to take those resources out into the community.

The Oxford and Lafayette County library is one of the things about our community that I love most!

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