What a life!

Back in 2004, the LCOPL decided to adopt 2 kittens from the Oxford Lafayette Humane Society. After much thought, we decided to name them Atticus and Scout. And these cats are living the life.

Atticus    ScoutDuring the day they sleep in our back workroom. And they need their rest, because at night they have the run of the entire building. They love puppets, newspapers, and the occasional Christmas tree ornament. And we all love them. If you have never met them or just want to say hello when you come in,  ask at the circulation desk!

Here are some more kind words from our patrons:

The library to me means an educational outing for my children with programs that entertain them year-round. It also means storytime with old friends and meeting new ones. I enjoy watching the excitement my children get picking out new books or selecting their old favorite to check out yet again.


The library was the first place I visited when I moved to Oxford fifteen years ago.  It is still my favorite place.  My husband says I go everyday.  I enjoy the lunch programs, books, audio books, and DVDs. 

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