Exactly what is in that room?

We hope that people who visit our library go into our Mississippi Room. It is located downstairs at the end of our foyer. There are great photos of Oxford over the years; William Faulkner books, pictures, and films; a Larry Brown & Barry Hannah display; and even a cookie in the shape of the library that has made it much longer than we can even believe.IMG_4025

Last summer, we compiled a list of everything in the room and have it available at the circulation desk. So come in, grab the list, and take a look at some Oxford and Ole Miss history.


Here are some more library stories:

As a retired librarian, I was concerned about the quality of a library in a small town.  I assumed I might have to rely mainly on the University library.  What a pleasure to come into the Oxford-Lafayette Library and find it so well-stocked and well-staffed.  Happy Library Week and many thanks to all of you!


I love our library.  One of my first stops in Oxford was to get my library card.  I’ve done that wherever we have lived but I like our library the best.  The staff is friendly and helpful and the on-line site makes it easy to request books or renew books.  What I especially like is that so many of my good friends live there, like Kinsey Milhone, Doc Ford, Harry Bosch, Dismas Hardy, Hercule Poirot and hundreds more.  I stop by several times a week.

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