A piece of local history

We have two beautiful stained glass windows in the library. One is by our DVD display and the other one is in the children’s area. But we bet you didn’t know that those windows were made by the gifted arts classes at the Lafayette Junior and Senior High  School for the opening of the new library in 1977! The library received a grant from the arts commission, gave the kids the supplies, and let them create the windows at school during art classes.

Those windows are a great piece of local history! And we are so thankful to have them.


IMG_4022Here are some more thoughts about our library from our patrons:

When I moved to Oxford to be close to my sister, the very first place she took me was to the Oxford Public Library so that I could apply for my library card and receive my free book!  Since that time, I have visited the library at least once a week–probably I now average three or  four times a week.  Why so often?   Because the library has so much going on (authors, films, talks, movies, books, dvds, and more!).  I love the library because the librarians and staff make sure that it serves the needs for the entire community–and they do it with a warm welcome!


Thanks so much for all that you and your staff do for our community. My wife and I both love the library here in Oxford for the terrific collection that it maintains, as well as for your helpfulness to us when we are looking for information. The library is a welcoming place, and we always look forward to our visits there.

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