Can You Dig It? Summer Library Program begins June 3rd!

Our Summer Library Program is about to begin, dude. This year our theme is:

Oh man, we so can. And we are psyched!

Registration for all ages begins on June 3rd with Double Decker Bus rides from 10 am – noon and 2 pm – 4 pm. We have planned so many fun activities for kids. But don’t feel left out of the groove, adults; we have plenty of fab programs happening for you cool cats as well.

To keep up with what’s going down, here are links to our summer calendars:



While all of the events at the LCOPL will be gravy this summer, we are also set to save you some bread. Here’s the skinny; all of our activities are free. Sweet! And, have you lost your library card? When you register for the Summer Library Program during the month of June you can get a new one for no charge! We are not joshin’ ya.

So, put on your platforms and Soul Train line dance in to see us this summer. It is gonna be Dyno-Mite!

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