Urban gardening LCOPL style!

We have gone garden crazy this summer at the LCOPL. The only thing keeping us from being concerned about our sanity is our former library assistant (and superstar) Stacey Sanford! When she is not busy working as an Americorp VISTA member at the Yoknapatawpha Arts Council, she is tending her massive garden (at least 50 tomato plants plus much more) and her livestock right here in town. That’s right! Stacey and her husband Marco have 4 chickens and some 4,000 worms.  We were luck enough to have Stacey at our Books & Lunch program yesterday and it was a lively and fun discussion.

She began her program with a video made by her friend Whitney Merritt. Sadly, we did not have sound yesterday, but here it is today for you to watch!

This beautiful girl goes by the name of Number 3. And while she was a little nervous about her library visit, she entertained us with her “complaints”.

Number 3 IMG_4848

Stacey talked about how she and Marco began the garden on their small lot and shared many tips and tricks on growing your own food.


And of course, when talking about chickens and worms, the topic of poop as compost came up!  Two lucky patrons walked away with the beginnings of their own worm farms and all of us learned something new.








We were also extremely excited to serve gazpacho that contained zucchini straight from the LCOPL’s little vegetable garden! As the summer progresses, we will be using our produce in many of our programs.


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