Carolyn Haines, Mary Anna Evans, and Katie D. Anderson

Two mystery writers and a young adult author from Mississippi!


Born in Lucedale, MS, Carolyn Haines says that growing up she wanted to be a cowgirl, Nancy Drew, and a writer. Lucky for all of us, Carolyn has become a prolific mystery writer (and she also has horses)! Her Sarah Boothe Delaney novels are set in Zinnia, MS and are extremely popular at the LCOPL.

What is the purpose of banning a book or books? Who has the knowledge and authority to determine what should be banned? Those who move to control what others read are acting out of fear and a desperate need to control. The person who sets himself up as the judge of reading material for others is probably the most dangerous person in a community.”

Mary Anna Evans was born in Hattiesburg, MS. She has a degree in physics and chemical engineering, but also is the writer of the Faye Longchamp archeological mystery series which includes seven books, the latest of which is Plunder.

“There are probably some thoughts so terrible that the world would be a better place if they had never been set to paper.  But when I consider whether those thoughts and those works should be banned, I always come back to the question of ‘Who decides?”  Who elects the censors?  Who decides which people make the decisions about the books I will never be allowed to read?  When it comes to the issue of which ideas can be exposed to the eyes of an adult reader, there is only one answer to the question of ‘Who decides?’  For me, the answer has to be, ‘I decide.’  And for you, I want the answer to be ‘You decide.’  Ideas shape the world.  Handing over control of the flow of ideas to any person or group of people is just too risky to contemplate.”

Katie D. Anderson is the author of the young adult novel Kiss & Make Up. She lives in Oxford.


“As a parent I try to monitor what my children are exposed to but I feel this should be a personal decision and not made for them by the state.” 

Thank you Carolyn, Mary Anna, and Katie!

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