Fabulous and esteemed librarians

To end our celebration of Banned Books Week 2013, we turned to two librarians who have served Oxford, Lafayette County, and the First Regional Library System for many years.

Catherine Nathan, Director of the First Regional Library system since 2005 , has spent her life visiting and working in public libraries. She is retiring at the end of October to start new adventures.  We are sad to see her go but are happy she is going to take some time for herself!

“If the public library does its job well, there will be books in the collection that people won’t agree with – nevertheless, they should be available to all for reading and reflection. Library collections do not imply endorsement;rather, they imply access to the many different ideas of our culture, which is
one of its purposes in the life of the community.”

Dorothy (Dotsy as we call her) Fitts was the librarian most of us from Oxford grew up with. She served Lafayette County and Oxford for 44 years tirelessly and made the LCOPL the outstanding place it is today. Almost one year into her much deserved retirement, we still miss her but also are greatly indebted to all of her hard work.

“In my experience, 99% of the book censors had never read the entire book, took passages out of context and were not willing to specifically say why they objected to a title being available to anyone who wanted to read it. The 1% who sincerely had an issue( and, in some of those cases I personally agreed with them )always came to a reasonable compromise after discussion about freedom of expression and other citizens’ right to know guaranteed by the First Amendment.”

Thank you so much Catherine and Dotsy! And thank all of you who have gone our Banned Books Week journey. Until next year….

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