Seed Lending

We get some of the best ideas from our patrons. I believe that is one of the things that makes the LCOPL such an important and welcoming place in Oxford.

A few weeks ago a patron told us she had read an article about public libraries across the country that have seeds available for check out.  Another patron heard the conversation and told us that she had checked out seeds from a library in Alabama and had written a blog post about her experience. Yay for worlds colliding!

We loved the idea. Our small vegetable garden last summer was so successful that this feels like the next step. So I began to read/research and get in contact with some librarians who could help. My first stop was the Magnolia Springs Library in Alabama. The Library Director Alida Given was excited to hear from me and sent me to the Seed Libraries Social Network. Whoa. There was so much information that I was a little overwhelmed. That was when I decided that if we are going to do this, I’m going to have to do something that I dislike.

Anyone that works with me can tell you that one of my pet peeves is asking for help. This is an on-going problem for me, but I am trying to get better. So here goes…are any of our LCOPL patrons up for helping us get this program started? (That was painful for me to type.) We will need volunteers to organize the seeds once they come in and we also would love anyone who has heirloom and organic seeds to donate if they will. Spread the word!

Give us a call or comment below this post on Facebook. Let’s make this a community effort! It will take some work but I think it will be completely worth it.


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