Reading with Rover

Reading with Rover_008 Reading with Rover_004

Kids reading to dogs! This is exactly what happens every second Saturday of the month at 10:30 am in our children’s area. The Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society brings a couple of adoptable pups and the children adore it.
The best part about the program is the fact that children are reading. And they are reading to a sweet dog that won’t judge them if they don’t know every word or if they make a mistake. Not only that but it gives kids a chance to interact with dogs in a calm setting. If they are afraid of dogs, it is a chance to overcome that fear. Besides helping kids read books, it also is a great opportunity for families thinking about adopting a dog from the shelter to meet some of them. Most of us who work at the library are animal lovers and have rescued pets at home. Not to mention that we have two library cats we adopted from the shelter years ago. Reading with Rover has led to pet adoptions, and that warms our hearts. Most recently, our Reference Librarian Corey Vinson, adopted a Reading with Rover dog named Cate and she is now so happy in her forever home.

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