Annual Events

Mark your calendars! We have a number of annual events that the LCOPL staff and our patrons look forward to every year.

The Spring Tea Party

Each year when the flowers begin to bloom, the LCOPL foyer is transformed on a Sunday afternoon into a magical place. Tables are set with fancy linens and kids are served “tea” (lemonade), cookies, crudites, and sandwiches by the staff. And we always have a children’s book character as our visitor. Last year Lyle, Lyle Crocodile was our special guest.

Annual Tea Party with Lyle Lyle_002

This year Corduroy the bear visited us and we all had so much fun. Check out our Facebook album link to see the great pictures. Also, have you liked us on Facebook yet? If you haven’t, please do so! We aren’t sure yet about next year’s guest, but we do know it will be a good time.

Easter Egg Hunt

This event is epic! Good Friday morning at the LCOPL is full of laughter and delight. The Library’s Easter Egg Hunt has been happening for years. Laura Beth Walker can remember attending the egg hunt as a child growing up in Oxford. The staff loves hiding the eggs and watching the kids find them.

Annual Easter Egg Hunt_010 Annual Easter Egg Hunt_029


This Friday morning we are going to be hunting eggs again! We will see you at 10 am at the library.

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