Programs for Adults

Living in the town of Oxford, Mississippi means that we have access to writers, artists, theater groups, and an active film community.  And these creative people are always generous with their time and glad to present programs for us at the LCOPL.

Books & Lunch

We usually present our Books & Lunch programs twice a month. We have a dedicated group that attends regularly, but we are always looking for newbies! Come spend your noon hour in our auditorium, listen to an author, and have a free lunch. It’s not too good to be true. We list these programs on our Events page on Facebook, and the Oxford Eagle kindly runs them on their Calendar of Events.



Thank you so much to our great group of volunteers who help us make these programs happen.


World Film Night

Every other Tuesday evening at 7 pm, the LCOPL is the place to be if you love film. Led by Dr. Vernon Chadwick, World Film Night has a dedicated following and allows the LOU community to view classic movies for free. And did we mention refreshments are served? Check our Facebook page, posters in the library, or the Oxford Eagle and make plans to attend!



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