Inbetweeners Book Club reads Gone Girl

If you read Gone Girl the moment it came out in 2012, just yesterday, or never, come by the library and share your thoughts on this marriage-turned-murder thriller soon to be celluloid.

If you haven’t read it yet, here’s a synopsis:


What are you thinking, Amy’. Two perspectives, husband and wife, are collated to form a back-to-back, chapter-by-chapter, dialogue of perspectives. Nick opens the novel on the morning of their fifth anniversary. His eyes flutter open like a doll tilting up. He mechanically finds his wife, Amy, in the kitchen preparing their anniversary breakfast, but his narration suddenly breaks off. A diary entry by Amy immediately follows this brisk chapter. It’s from about 7 years prior, when she meets Nick for the first time at a small party in New York City. How happy she is, how excited.

 While Amy’s perspective delves into the past and moves forward one entry at a time, Nick’s establishes the present action of the novel. Her diary entries eventually meet and collude with the present to strongly persuade us to think Nick is the killer of his wife.

The first half of the novel is thrilling, and its plotting appears meticulous. Nick’s perspective reads like a cold, exacting killer who’s remorseless of his crime, and how he will confess is his real passion. However, about mid-way through, a major shift in form signals the most controversial aspect of Gone Girl.

In this spirit, come join the Inbetweeners and share your perspective, with willful manipulation and without remorse, on Gone Girl.

 **The Inbetweeners meet this Sunday – September, 28th – at 2 p.m.**

PS: The Inbetweeners is our newest reading group and is open to anyone 18 and older. If you wish to become a member, make sure you have a library card, and we will provide you with copies of all discussed books (and baked goods).


Yours, EJ

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