The leader confesses…

I decided to just list a few things about me that some of you might not know.

As a youngster growing up in Oxford, I checked out the book The Wednesday Witch by Ruth Chew and loved it so much that I hid it under my bed so I wouldn’t have to return it. I have since rectified that situation by purchasing a copy of this book for the library. 032222bbd065115b09c087f8f64a6394I was once a cheerleader. Here is the proof.Cheer

I practiced driving (pre permit) in the Oxford Mall parking lot while listening to Janet Jackson’s album, Control. “Miss Jackson, if you’re nasty…”

I am a bit obsessed with Little Edie Beale. I may have even dressed as her two Halloweens in a row.

EBMy heroes include Harper Lee, Amy Sedaris, Madonna, Stevie Nicks, Judy Blume, and Dolly Parton.

I am still able to do quite a few things from my childhood. These include roller skating (not roller blading, 4 wheels people), flips on a trampoline, and I can turn a mean cartwheel. I cannot ride a bike well anymore.

My first 45-rpm record was Anita Ward’s classic, Ring My Bell. And I still own it.

My grandmother had a dog named Pee-Wee. I called him Wee-O. I also called my grandmother Go-mama.

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