Confessions of the Enforcer: Ms. Buffington

I decided to list a few things about myself. Yes, I am the enforcer for after school children. 

Did you know that I grew up in West Point, Mississippi and graduated high school fifty-one years ago at the age of fifteen?  Did you know that I skipped grade 2?  Did you know that I love history, film noir and William Faulkner, Maya Anglo, Judy Blume, Ezra Jack Keats, Virginia Wolf and E. B. White books. Throughout high school, I played first clarinet, a drum majority, kept boys’ basketball team scores and sang first Alto in the school’s choir and girls’ ensemble.   Did you know that as a child, I watched the CBS evening news with my father? Did you know that I was involved in the 1960s Civil Rights Movement and was arrested over ten times?

Do you know that I enjoy seeing young people coming into the Library to read, do homework and to study.  Did you know that when your child is here, I make it a point to chat with them individually?   Did you know that I want all of our children to visit the library, but I want them to behave and follow the rules while visiting the library?  Did you know that when your children are here I take the responsibility to ensure that are on their best behavior. Did you know that I am a Cultural Anthropologist and have done extensive fieldwork on Civil Rights Movement in my home town of West Point, MS. Did you know that I am in love with my role as an a library substitute ?

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