Ramping Roads to Grey Suits, The Confessions of Seth Wilson

While previously from good old Amory, MS, I’ve since been living in Oxford (and working for the Lafayette County Library) since 2011.

Now, in case you didn’t know, Amory is a small town in Monroe County. There is not a lot to do there unless you drive to Tupelo. So, lots of the kids do outdoor country style kinds of stuff over in Wren. Although I didn’t ever consider myself a mud-ridin’ kind of kid (I liked Star Wars), it was nearly impossible to ride in the mud and not get a little on you. You know what I mean?flying truck

Anyway, my youth was filled with ramping over busy roads in Chevy Silverados and returning home to eat pizza rolls, reflect, surf the internet, and learn French.

I rode my way through high school, making good grades, thinking about being a Computer Scientist, and planning for my career!

After having Computer Science fall deeply down the abyss of forgotten goals, I found something I REALLY wanted to go to school for: LINGUISTICS.

The University of Mississippi said to me, “Hey, we will give you some money to take Linguistics classes here if you come,” and I said, “ok.”

I also went to school in France for a while to learn me some Français. I loved the people, language, and countryside of the place but decided I liked Freedom of Speech better, so I finished my program there and came on back to the USA to finish up my degresyntax tree for sethe.

I completed my undergraduate degree in Linguistics and have since committed myself to a Master’s degree in the same field. That’s what I am currently up to when I am not working at the library.

I also recently bought a suit the other day. I have never really had a good one so that’s a cool thing. It’s grey.

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