Let Sookie Stackhouse Forgive Your Fines

Next week, July 12-18th, is Fines Forgiveness Week! Here’s how it works: check out five books, get your fines forgiven! If fines keep you from using the library or checking out items, now is the time to read!

Alcide and SookieThis week we recommend another series to quickly clear those accounts: The Southern Vampire Mysteries, commonly called the Sookie Stackhouse Series, or simply True Blood by Mississippi’s own Charlaine Harris.

Both the television and the book series ended last year, so that means it’s now possible to have the ‘completist’ binge experience of the books along with the show. Fortunately, we have both the books and the show on DVD.

Of course there are some major differences between the books and its adaptation.  For example, the third book, “Club Dead”, presents quite a different Alcide Herveaux from the third television season. He’s still caring, sensitive, hunky, a werewolf, but the Alcide of the show doesn’t get nearly as much personal time with Sookie as he does in the books.

That’s what makes this book so remarkable from the show; the third book is wildly sensual. This is mostly because of Bill’s sudden disappearance. After mysteriously leaving Sookie his laptop, Bill vanishes without a trace. Eric Northman, the irresistible Viking, tells her that he’s been both kidnapped and sexually disloyal. After Eric manages some serious seduction, Alcide comes in to protect and comfort Sookie.Eric-Northman

The third season of the television show is mostly notable for the amount of gore, not romance. Heads are bashed in; Bill’s maker methodically cuts him open; a few vampires receive the ‘true death’ leaving them bubbling pools of bloody sludge. In short, there’s a lot less kissing than the first two seasons, except for Jason’s crush on ‘Crystal’, which doesn’t have a pleasant outcome.

Club Dead is vital to the series because it marks a major change in Sookie. Club Dead coverAfter having gone through so much with Bill, she’s not only willing to kill for him, she’s willing to leave him. After saving him from a mansion full of gay vampires likened to a gay Playboy Mansion, Sookie is dead set on breaking up with Bill. The book ends by opening the possibility of a relationship with Eric Northman, and the sexiest book of the series follows.

If you want a sensual summer read that’s thrilling yet funny, close to home (Club Dead takes place right here in Mississippi), and a quick way to take care of your fines, bite into The Southern Vampire Series.

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