Bring Love Home


Baby enjoys a Reading with Rover story time at the Oxford Public Library

Yesterday was full of the best kinds of surprises here at the library. We were graced with not only one visiting dog from the Oxford Lafayette Humane Society for Reading with Rover, but were lucky to have two beautiful girls join us: Baby and Peach. Baby, a small-ish lab mix, arrived first and directly made herself at home, lounging on a reading couch and also exploring every square foot of downstairs library space. Our entire staff fell in love with her. She is exuberant and one of those sweeties that just melts into your lap for affection. We were all surprised to learn that she is seven years old — her vibrancy and excellent sense of adventure suggest otherwise! She loved the kids and met their sometimes overly enthusiastic embraces with calm gratitude. This girl has so much to offer her future adoptive family!


Peach makes a guest appearance at Reading with Rover

Peach is every bit as sweet as her name suggests. She was the wallflower to Baby’s superstar. Preferring to sit a little outside of the reading circle, Peach soaked up the love and reassurance her volunteer handler gave her. She’s a two-year-old small beagle mix looking for a loving person or family who can give her the confidence she needs to really blossom. Surrendered to the Oxford Lafayette Humane Society as a stray, she’s timid and not sure yet whether the world is a loving place. But despite her  uncertainty, Peach bashfully accepted the attention we were all eager to give her. If you are looking for a down to earth, all around adorable companion, she’s the perfect match for you! To see all the sweethearts who are waiting for forever homes, please visit the Oxford Lafayette Humane Society in person at 413 McElroy Drive, or on their website at

Just when I thought my heart would burst from all that puppy love, I met Smudge. He was sitting patiently in our public computer area, poised and attentive as a gentleman. It wasn’t difficult to spot his owner since they wore matching blaze orange. And when I asked David Scopaz for the scoop on him and his adorable companion, I wasn’t expecting such a rewarding narrative.

Needing to clear his mind, David had set off for a two hour walk in  his hometown of Tallahassee, Florida. But he didn’t stop walking; miles later he determined that his soul


Smudge and human companion David Scopaz


searching journey would take him all the way to the other end of the United States in Seattle, Washington. He uses a baby stroller for his belongings and a tent to sleep in at night. Just as he was crossing from Alabama into Mississippi, he passed by an abandoned farmhouse. Outside was a sorry looking dog, apparently abandoned along with the house, who began to follow him. It’s not unusual, David tells me, for dogs to follow behind for a mile or two when he’s in rural areas. But he couldn’t seem to shake this one. When he pitched his tent that evening, the dog followed him in and made himself perfectly comfortable at David’s side for the night. Forty-five miles later, David knew he had a companion for life. But Smudge wasn’t the dapper gentleman then that he is now, thanks to David’s care. Starving and neglected, he smelled like the roadkill he had apparently been living on, and his coat was covered in black speckles and streaks. “That’s why I called him Smudge,” David said. “I thought it was machine grease.” But the spots didn’t wash off with the rest of the filth. So the name, and the dog himself, stuck.


Smudge making a statement outside of the Oxford Public Library

David wasn’t planning on becoming a dog dad when he began his long trek to mental clarity. But I can attest that he is doing a beautiful job. A young guy, Smudge is now radiant and healthy and full of wiggly, please-let-me-love-you energy. David acquired a dog bed and carries it, along with Smudge’s other amenities, in the stroller. In fact, I think it contains more of Smudge’s things than David’s. A quiet, self contained person, David had a lot to say about his best friend. They obviously love each other, and judging by the kisses Smudge showered on his chosen owner, I think he’s happy with his decision. We’re thankful to them both for stopping into our library and sharing their story. Happy travels.

— CF

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