Encore, Baby!

Today’s Reading with Rover was made extra special by our guest, Baby. Baby is a small lab mix who joined us back in February for Reading with Rover — this girl must love books! We can’t believe she hasn’t been adopted yet, we all fell in love with her immediately. Today, Baby was a calm, professional ambassador. She listened sweetly while Nancy read Widget by Lyn Rossiter McFarland and Maggie and Michael get Dressed by Denise Fleming. (We think Widget was her favorite as she identified with the main character, a resourceful little dog looking for a loving home.)

Baby soaked up the belly rubs, lying on her back and inviting all the children to come get some love. The Oxford Public Library staff envies whoever is lucky enough to take this sweetie home! If you are interested in meeting Baby, please contact the Oxford Lafayette Humane Society at 662-236-7631 or find them at  413 McElroy Drive. What better way to spend your summer — and many loving years to follow — with such an adoring, happy-go-lucky girl?



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