Books and Lunch and Pendarvis

Jack Pendarvis wowed and amazed this afternoon at Books and Lunch with his reading from Movie Stars, a new collection of short stories from Oxford’s very own comic genius. I forgot to introduce him before his reading (hey, no introduction needed, right?) but if I had I would have said that he is the winner of a 2015 Emmy Award for his ongoing contribution to Adventure Time, a really weird and very cool cartoon for kids and adults. Among other things, Jack discussed his frozen shoulder, deep compassion for felines, and disturbing encounter with a man who boasts a collection of 30,000 cigarette lighters. In addition to being a natural talent, Jack’s a pretty cool guy and we all enjoyed his talk. I introduced him to our library cats who I’m sure loved him but refused to be photographed with him. So that’s me in the picture, not the cats. Shout out to Jack for the strangest and best Books and Lunch ever. We hope he will join us again soon!

— CF

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