Speaking of Mississippi

David Crews has an ear for the spoken Southern word, its cadences, poignancy, and knack for humor. The author joined us today at the library for Books and Lunch to
msbookofquotesdiscuss his new book, The Mississippi Book of QuotationsPublished by Nautilus in October, the collection captures lines from Mississippi authors, politicians, and others. Many of the quotations were gathered by Crews in his day to day life and reflect the thoughts and truths of ordinary Mississippians — if there is such a thing. And judging from his author biography published by Nautilus, Crews has enough experience under his belt to have met some interesting people. Among other accomplishments, he has “captured violent federal fugitives… climbed the tallest peak in the Western Hemisphere, produced an Emmy Award-winning documentary… [and] worked to secure progressive education reform in thedavid-crews state of Mississippi” (Nautilus, 2016). And yes, the ellipses stand in place of other accomplishments I won’t list here. He also shared with our audience today his childhood experience stealing apples from Faulkner’s orchard and the endearing exchange that ensued between author and boy. Get your copy of The Mississippi Book of Quotations from Square Books, or for free here at your public library.

A Mississippi of myths and legends, of fantasy about what never was and hope for what might never be, of insufferable baseness and incredible goodness…
— William Winter, in The Mississippi Book of Quotations
Ain’t no such of a thing, Mississippi. It’s all just in your imagination.
— Jack Butler from Jujitsu for Christ, in The Mississippi Book of Quotations

— CF


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