Books and Lunch with Aimee Nezhukumatathil

Grisham Writer in Residence Aimee Nezhukumatathil joined us at the library today for Books and Lunch. She read selections from her poetry, selections she tells us were aimee-nezhukumatahilmeant to be upbeat and joyous following a week of political misgivings and tension.
Her poetry was indeed luminous, although she says her tone is not always so untroubled. At the request of the audience, she read a poem which she addresses to young students of color who often find themselves isolated or scrutinized in the classroom. Her writing is also concerned with the well-being of our Earth, its vast biodiversity which Nezhukumatathil was taught to treasure as child. And to my delight as a former humanities major, she told the story of her junior year in college when she announced to her parents that she was abandoning her plans for medical school to study poetry.
img_2566Professor Nezhukumatathil teaches in Buffalo, NY, and travels to schools to speak to students about poetry and environmental conservation. You can check out her really lovely website at, buy her books at Square Books, or find them here at the public library. Her forthcoming book of essays, World of Wonder, is set to be published in 2018.

— CF

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