Secret Agent Man

Author and former federal prosecutor, Charlie Spillers, recalled his remarkable ten-year career as an undercover agent with the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics during
spillers-2today’s Books and Lunch. His 2016 book, Confessions of an Undercover Agent: Adventures, Close Calls, and the Toll of a Double Life, was named the #1 new release nationwide in law enforcement memoirs by Amazon. Spillers began his career in law enforcement at the Baton Rouge Police department, and after a decade in undercover narcotics became a career federal prosecutor. He also served three tours in Iraq and was recognized by the FBI Director, the
Department of Justice Deputy Attorney General, the Italian Embassy, the British Ambassador, and and Britain’s Minister of State for the Armed Forces. Not surprisingly, his story is a gripping one marked with heart pounding suspense and narrow escapes. He is currently writing a novel, Whirlwind: An Agent Frank Marsh Novel, a thriller inspired by his life experiences.

Grab your copy of Confessions of an Undercover Agent — we have them here! — and look forward to an upcoming audio documentary about Spiller’s unusual career at

— CF

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