Gone to the Goats

Jake Keiser joined us today for a fabulous and furry Books and Lunch. Special guest Ellie (she’s the one with the horns) worked the crowd while Keiser delivered a surprisingly guccimoving talk. Author of the hugely popular blog, Gucci to Goats, Keiser left her city life in Tampa behind for a more rural existence here in Oxford, Mississippi. But if anyone came expecting some fashionable farm talk, they left with a whole lot more. Keiser’s genuineness is apparent, and she opened up about what it means to be a single woman living a truly self-reliant lifestyle. She shared with us the obstacles she faced not only as a city girl learning to live off the land, but also the personal struggles and societal expectations that she continues to overcome.

If she was a hapless city dweller before, almost five years later Jake Keiser has mastered sustainable living and writing from the heart. Ellie is a therapy goat in training and will eventually work with special needs children and adults who Keiser welcomes to her farm for education and a little R&R. Hearing Keiser speak about finding purpose in life was inspirational. We wish her luck on future ventures, and we’re waiting with baited breath for a memoir!

— CF

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