Journalism in Crisis

Today author, professor, and accomplished reporter Kathleen Wickham visited the public library for Books and Lunch. She spoke about her new book, We Believed We Were Immortal: Twelve Reporters Who Covered the 1962 Integration Crisis at Ole 

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Miss. Her extensive research and thoughtful talk on these twelve reporters gave dimension to the attitudes of the local community (the black community especially), the problem of local government, and the extreme and dangerous obstacles reporters faced in delivering an unfiltered account of the riot. We Believed We Were Immortal sheds light on the work of these reporters and honors their courage and commitment to report truth.

Wickham opened her talk with a presentation on William Faulkner and integration. While many of his family and other local contemporaries stubbornly opposed integration, Faulkner was more forward thinking. Accompanied by archival materials such as photographs and a deeply researched knowledge, Wickham’s presentation was as engrossing as it was inspiring. Kathleen Wickham is an Associate Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator at the Meek School of Journalism at the University of Mississippi.

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