Christopher Myers on storytelling


The Oxford Public Library was honored to host award-winning children’s author and illustrator Christopher Myers for this week’s edition of Books and Lunch. “Chris,” as he introduced himself, has been writing and illustrating children’s books since his first publication in 1995. His most recent books include Joan (EgmontUSA, 2016) and My Pen (Disney-Hyperion, 2015). Although he writes for a younger age group, Chris’s inspiring ideas on storytelling and social change captured the interest of our Oxford High students who shared their own stories with him following the event. He shared his experiences teaching creative writing in Munich to young war refugees, many of whom created stories about the change they witnessed in their own countries. All stories, Chris explained, are about change and we should be mindful of the stories we tell and are told and what they say about the changing world around us. He also gave practical advice to the young writers and artists in our audience. A huge thanks to Chris Myers for showing up and bringing an excellent program to our library. Our young people loved him.

— CF

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