LCOPL Seed Library


The Lafayette County & Oxford Public Library’s (LCOPL) Seed Lending Library is open for business! What began as a chance conversation near the circulation desk is now a reality due to volunteers, seed donations, online resources, and the hard work of our staff. We are very excited about this endeavor and while we have started small, we cannot wait to grow.


  • Six (6) packets per patron per year.
  • Choose your seed packets and take them to the circulation desk.
  • Write your name, library card number, and the seed name in the log book.
  • This seed library works on the honor system and has been stocked by donations.
    After harvest, we encourage you to save some seeds and return them to the library.
  • We provide envelopes for your seeds at the circulation desk.
  • If you do not manage to save any seeds, please let us know. There will be no fines if you do not return seeds.



  • We accept non-GMO, heirloom, and/or organic seeds.
  • When you don’t use the plant, it will grow and flowers will form at the top. These flowers need to pollinate in order to form seeds. At this point the vegetable is no longer edible, so let the flowers go, watch for them to fall off, observe seed capsule growth, and then harvest the seeds.
  • Collect seeds: wait until pods dry, pick before the winter rains start, keep pods/seeds in a paper bag to finish drying out.
  • Process your seeds (remove seeds from pods). Let them completely dry.
  • Store in a cool, dry place out of sunlight. Glass jars with gasket seals, coin envelopes, or Tupperware-style containers. Do not use plastic bags. Add a packet of silica gel to desiccate.
  • Save your seeds and donate back to the library in envelopes we provide.


Any questions?